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Best Renray Services & Products

We have variety of chicken products equipment’s at an affordable prices

1. Import and distribute Layers Cage

Our cage is 4 tier the smallest has capacity of 128 birds its dimension is Length 7ft x Width 8ft x height 7ft. Each cubicle holds 4 birds, the mesh is electro galvanized. It comes with Feeding white PVC troughs, White PVC Pipes, Super quality drinking nipples, Water regulators, Uframes. We offer free installation countrywide. Price for 128 birds capacity is KSH 45,000 Discounted at 40,000

2. Pullets (ready to lay birds at 4.5 months)

We undertake contractual farming where we rear day old birds and supply our clients at maturity. A customer pays 40% on order and 40% after two months and 20% on delivery. Our birds are reared using the highest poultry husbandry standards and protocols.

Prices range between Ksh. 650 – 800 depending on quantities

3. Construction of chicken sheds

We have experienced fundi’s who advice and construct chicken sheds for our customers at affordable prices.

4. Marketing

We provide market linkages for our customers for their eggs and ex-layers