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Suppliers of Layers Cages,  Pullets and Cage Accessories

Who We Are

We are dealers in importation and distribution of Agricultural innovative farming solutions. Our Battery cages have a life span of 20 years. We have two types’ 3tier capacity of 120 per unit and 4 tier capacity of 128 birds. The space occupied is Length 7ftx Width 8ft, benefits are numerous i.e. Guaranteed space maximization, reduced risk of infections, Reduced feeds wastage etc. Our Quality is unrivaled, prices competitive and Customer service impeccable. Innovative farming with a difference

Why Choose Us

RENRAY Automated Solutions LTD (RAS) is a Kenyan company. It was registered in 2014 and incorporated in 2016. RAS is in the business of importing and distribution of automated layers cages as well as contractual farming where we rear day old birds on behalf of customers and sell at point of lay (pullets).


Our mission is to enhance the farming experience and demystify the notion that poultry farming is not profitable through provision of high quality and affordable poultry equipment’s, market linkages on end products, Provision of High quality Day old birds and training.


Our vision is to enable small and large scale farmers automate their farms in order to attain a high return on their investments to date we have distributed over 1000 cages. Our cages are of high quality and our pullets are reared using the high standards of hygiene and protocols.

We Do Installations

Our leading equipments are layers cages, where we transform farmers from traditional deep liter farming to a more advanced, cost effective way of farming that guarantees them returns on their investments.

  1. Chicken Farming
  2. Installation after sales
  3. Chicken Farming Trainings
  4. Imports and distribution of automated farming equipments

They All Love Our Products

"Supplier of chicken Cages, eggs, pullets and the point of lay"
Joseph kinyanjui Kariuki
"Best customer service"
Tilgon Marenya
" Best customer service"
Justus Njogu Mwangi